Antique Brass and Copper Fire Extinguishers & Restoration

About Me

My Business

I'm a retired guy who has a small one man shop specializing in restoring the old copper/brass fire extinguishers. I travel countrywide to purchase in quantity the best examples of these now obsolete firefighting pieces. Each is polished, lacquered, brass labels hand painted (if so desired) in various color combinations, soda-acid models have detailed cage, reproduction glass acid bottle and lead stopple, foam models have inner chamber (when available.) Metal polishing is a family trade going back to my grandfather in the 1920's. My customers are primarily firefighters, collectors, firefighting museums, individuals wanting to accent their home or office, and those wanting to give a gift for a holiday, birthday, or retirement.  

What I do

 Antique copper and brass fire extinguishers:

  • Restored  
  • Polished 
  • Lacquered
  • Internal parts detailed 
  • Hand painted labels  

Other Services Provided

An inventory of approximately 150 soda acid/foam extinguishers is kept on hand available for shipment.

I can supply fully restored carbon tet extinguishers. If you have a "dirty" extinguisher you want restored---just ship it to me and it will be returned in 2-3 weeks. If I don't have a particular brand you are looking for, I will attempt to find it for you.

I also restore the old fire alarm/call boxes--they are taken apart and the old paint blasted off, brass parts polished and lacquered, missing glass and keys replaced, box painted and reassembled, then the front lettering is detailed in white or gold.


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